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About the inventor:

We have to thank Mr Boeck for the creation of these stilts. Alexander Boeck (pronounced Bock) is a German inventor and the generation of the leaping stilts was dependent on his in-depth exploration into the walking and running actions of the kangaroo, the stilt was developed and developed more than time to mimic the techniques of the conclusions and offer the stop-person boundless options. Powerbock is a typical expression utilised for the devices wanted for Powerbocking / Pro-Jumping and is named after the authentic inventor and patent holder (US Patent No. 6,719,671 B1) The Powerbock (generally referred to as Pro-Leap or Poweriser to title a number of) is a spring loaded leaping stilt / boot in just one which has a footplate with snowboard type bindings and a fibreglass curved springs attached to the foundation, so when you push your toes downwards, the strain of your weight results in gravitational electricity. The integral tremendous-charged springs force again to harness this electricity, giving you the capacity to soar to outstanding heights and operate with huge strides at awesome speeds. It is commonly recognised within just the activity that the moment mastered you can run as rapidly as 20mph and jump 6ft large!

Positive aspects of Professional-Jumping / Powerbocking:

Not only are the leaping stilts entertaining to use but also offer health and fitness advantages which come to be clear as soon as you start off making use of them. I introduced my stilts from and when they advised me that they will provide me with a cardio-vascular training even with moderate use and tone and exercising my legs, waist, hips, abdomen, again, arms and shoulders all to different levels I just thought it was their profits pitch BUT it truly is correct! In the 2 months I have been using them not only do I experience fitter but I have also managed to drop a stone in body weight and all my friends remain I am hunting substantially fitter – and I have only been using them for a lot less than fifty percent an hour a day. The Stilts have also been showcased in the Daily Mail wherever they truly did a entire work out plan with them and in contrast them to a entertaining different to yoga! A estimate from Day by day Mail “they occur with a full host of wellbeing positive aspects, from aiding bodyweight loss to strengthening the body’s main muscle tissues and decreasing cholesterol. It also burns more calories in considerably less time than working, and the springs cushion your joints from accidents connected with functioning, this kind of as anxiety fractures and shin splints.”

As observed on Television and greater attractiveness of the Pro-Jumping / Powerbocking sport:

In December 06, Professional-Leap stilts had been demonstrated on nationwide Tv set when a member of the Professional-Jump display screen crew demonstrated a pair on the Jonathan Ross display. In February 07, two brothers Mikael Lindstrom & Mattias Lindstrom (Swebounce & Hemoves) performed on Graham Norton’s “When will I be popular” BBC 1 display. Their appearances on Television set have increased the recognition of the activity and new golf equipment are forming all over the nation – before long you should really see Bockers / Professional-Jumpers just about everywhere! Assembly fellow fans is quick by signing up for local community forums these kinds of as where you can fulfill folks, see pictures and movies. Thank you for reading and look at this space for far more posts on this amazing new activity.


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