About Us

Our Vision

The Nouvelle-Eglise Sports Injury Clinic has a proactive commitment to obtaining best business standards and promoting excellent treatment procedures. Our primary objective is to help people Live Better and Pain-Free. Similarly, we do this by delivering specialised Sports Massage therapy in Birmingham.

Our Approach

In a professional environment, the Nouvelle-Eglise Sports Injury Clinic in Birmingham is devoted to offering high-quality Sports Massage treatments.

As a leader in Sports Massage in Birmingham, we collaborate with local organisations and events. Our unrivalled emphasis on all of our employees is their continued education. This ensures that our therapists comprehend and implement the most recent treatments and approaches for all sorts of injuries and diseases.

Our Mission

As primary healthcare providers, we are devoted to assisting our patients in resuming their lifetime quest of health, fitness, and well-being, and in living pain-free lives.

Premium quality

We approach all of our therapy with a focus on outcomes. Whatever your objectives may be, we want to assist you in achieving them.

Patient Care

We will give a practical, hands-on approach to therapy as well as home-based instruction, empowering you to take an active role in your rehabilitation and future physical health. To maintain the highest standards, we passed and are registered with the Birmingham City Council to ensure that our clinic procedures, equipment, and facilities comply with the local bylaws – are safe, hygienic, prevent the spread of disease, and comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act’s duty of care.

Excellence in Service

Our team at Nouvelle-Eglise Sports Injury Clinic, Birmingham has been successfully treating patients since 2011, and we share a passion for assisting our community in remaining active and living a pain-free life. The Association for Soft Tissue Therapist and the British Association for Sports and Exercise Science also credential our Therapists.