Be Ice Safe: Bring a Helmet to the Ice Rink

Gliding throughout the ice, with the awesome wind whipping across a skater’s facial area is an exhilarating sensation. One particular drive propels a skater down the glistening, snowy area. Worrying about a head injury is far from a newbie skater’s thoughts, as lots of individuals are not informed of the risk of head injury from […]

Are Controller Medications For Asthma Safe and sound?

Bronchial asthma can be a debilitating ailment for most people, specifically those people who direct an energetic daily life. This persistent respiratory ailment is not always uncomplicated to deal with and demands a life time of treatment. A controller medicine is usually administered to the affected person to help relieve the irritation existing in the […]

Concussions in Youth Sports – New Protocols to Keep Athletes Safe

Participation in sports is an important part of physical, mental, and social development for our youth. While it is meant to promote health, sports carry an inherent risk of injury. Evidence is growing that the short and long-term health risks associated with brain trauma in sports are more serious than previously known. While concussions have […]